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About Us

Binary Solutions 101 is a veteran owned and operated computer repair store that has provided excellent customer service since 2006.   Our integrity and expertise in IT management allows us to gain our customer’s trust and satisfaction. 

Binary Solutions 101 specializes in mobile device, computers, laptops and server repairs for businesses and personal use.  We are not only guaranteeing the lowest labor price, but we also offer fast and quality services. Our professional staff tries to make sure every job is done accurately and quickly.

We firmly believe that one of the most important elements of a successful computer maintenance program is a qualified service-oriented staff. Our technical staff was selected on the basis of their experience,  enthusiasm, communication skills, technical knowledge, and their willingness to expand their skills through ongoing training and professional development.

6465 Yadkin Road

Fayetteville, NC 28303

T: (910) 867 – 1444

W: http://www.binarysolutions101.com
E: support@binarysolutions101.com